Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you own

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Centennial, Elizabeth, Littleton, Parker & Aurora, CO

The circuit breakers protect your wires from overloads and short circuits that would cause the wiring in your walls to get very hot. There are several reasons why you may want to replace your equipment. Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) and Zinsco/Sylvania are two manufacturers that went out of business because the breakers don't trip when they are supposed to and can cause catastrophic damage and electrical fires (see videos below). Because you do not need your breakers very often it is easy to be completely unaware that yours do not work until it is too late. You could think of these load centers like your seat belt; if you don't get in an accident when you're not wearing it than you won't get hurt. If you do not have a short or overload with faulty breakers it will not cause a fire. Overloads can happen when you rearrange a room or plug anything new into an outlet and short circuits can develop over years or even decades from heat generated within appliances, lights and devices.

Another reason you might replace your electrical panel is age-related deterioration or overheating. The main conducting parts of your electrical panel will darken or change color as they overheat. If your electrical panel is corroded or overheating, this can damage the breakers, and they might not trip when you need them to. The average life of a breaker box is 30-50 years. As for the breakers themselves, they should be replaced about every 20 years.

Finally, you might replace your Denver area electrical panel if it is an outdated system like a Split Bus, Fuse Panel or it is just not sized properly for your needs. Although these situations may not be as urgent as other scenarios, it may cause you problems down the road. You should consider having an electrician determine if a replacement of your fuse box is in your best interest and help figure out the best solution for your needs.