You Have the Power to Create a Safer Home

Get safer electrical services based in Aurora, Colorado and serving the greater Denver metro area, including Centennial, Littleton, Elizabeth, Parker and Aurora.

Having a home that's electrically safe is important. Whether you're reducing the risk of fire or preventing injury to a family member, upgrading your home for safety is a crucial priority.

But where should you begin?

Positively Charged Electric based in Centennial, Colorado and serving the greater Denver metro area can help.

white smoke reaching a white smoke detector

Make it safer ASAP

Positively Charged Electric can provide you with safer residential spaces through easy upgrades to your home's features.

Personal shock protection is vital for preventing some seriously dangerous scenarios:

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (or GFCIs) are a quick, inexpensive upgrade that can be installed wherever water is present.
  • Tamper resistant outlets are important for keeping small children safe, by preventing non-electrical items from being inserted into an outlet.

Fire protection is important, too, as fires annually account for over one billion in property damages in the U.S. alone. Many of these fires could be prevented with simple electrical upgrades!

  • Replace outdated devices on a regular basis.
  • Ensure tight connections by having a knowledgeable expert take a look at them.
  • Install AFCI devices to turn off loose and corroded circuit connections before they cause a fire.
  • Install interlinked smoke detectors to significantly increase survival rates and reduce injuries in the event of a house fire.
  • Replace aluminum wiring, as homes with wires made from this very soft metal are 55 times more likely to have connections reach fire hazard conditions.
  • Replace your breaker boxes every 30-50 years, and replace the breakers themselves about every 20.
  • Whole home rewires are a necessary investment if your home was built with cloth wiring.

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